Daily Album Stream: Simon Magus – The First Year of Catastrophe

Daily Album Stream

Online music streaming is a great service, but sometimes you just want to listen to an album in its entirety from start to finish. Not sure what album to listen to? Well, I'll gladly assist! Here's a handpicked album, available for streaming, beginning-to-end. Just hit play and listen. Enjoy!

Today's album — Simon Magus's The First Year of Catastrophe.

Leaning towards the doomy side of things, Simon Magus is heavy rock with a groove. What draws me to them, specifically, is how they hit on several bands that I've had a fondness for over the time. The music feels a bit like Warp Riders from The Sword mixed with Black Pyramid, and the Wes Allen's vocals have been some of my favorite since The Highgears.

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Free-kin' Weekend: Downriver – Downriver

Free-kin' Weekend

In the name of all that is (un)holy, it's the weekend! It's time for beer, music, more beer, and more music. With that bar tab you're racking up, you have less and less money to spend on music; I know the feeling. That's why you get a second dosage of free music, so crack open another beer (or pour yourself another glass), and download this gem.

My offering to you is Downriver's Downriver. I was going through old backups of files and through some old The Soda Shop spreadsheets of albums, and I came across this band I couldn't remember. Did a search, found their albums on Bandcamp, and now I see why I put them on a list. Continue reading Free-kin' Weekend: Downriver – Downriver