Review: Kegan DeBoheme – Songs of Woe

Every now and then you just need something that's not heavy. My usual go to for that is something psychedelic. Sometimes that trend just gets completely discarded, and something different catches my attention. This time it just happened to be in some folk rock.

Kegan DeBoheme is a relative unknown, although he's been around for a few years and getting some press along the way. He's just released his first full-length earlier this year. Continue reading Review: Kegan DeBoheme – Songs of Woe

Review: Superchief – Trophy Room

Nearly 3 1/2 years after they released their debut album, Corporate DynamiteSuperchief is set to see the release of their sophomore effort, Trophy Room. This release comes nearly a year after the original planned release of the album in summer of 2014.

Being a fan of their first album that was on heavy rotation for some time, I am relieved to know that the album is finally getting a release. Will the album from the Iowan hard rockers be worth your time and mine after relatively long wait? Well…

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Review: Spidergawd – Spidergawd II

Apparently, not ones to sit still for any period of time, Norwegian psychedelic and progressive rock outfit, Spidergawd, has released their 2nd album less than year from their debut being released. The band has quickly developed a following if the fact that both albums have been sold out of their vinyl pressings. It didn't long for me understand the appeal of this band. It's little wonder that I've found their releases have become a mainstay in my rotation.

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Hump Day Freebie: Monocle Stache – Prairie Fire

hump-day-freebYou've made it through half of the work week! For that reason, you deserve a reward. What better way to reward yourself than with a new album? Better yet, a FREE album. That ought to make up for your week so far. Okay, maybe not, but it does make the pill easier to swallow, even if only slightly.

Today's freebie is: Monocle Stache's debut EP, Prairie Fire.

This 4-track EP is great stoner rock album mixed with plenty of garage blues rock. Making up for the fact that it comes in just under 17 minutes, this is a hard rocking EP with plenty of attitude. The up-tempo tracks keep your engine running on all cylinders. A perfect way to pick you up and carry you through the rest of your week and into the next.

The EP is name your price, so feel free to tip the 3-piece with a bit of your hard earned cash if you so choose.

Review: 1886 – Before the Fog Covers the Mount

During one of my recent music binges, I found myself adding over 50 new EPs and LPs to my music library in the course of a week or so. This was overwhelming to say the least. Eventually, everything was given its fair share, and some were given another listen, then another, and then yet another. Soon, a handful of albums separated themselves from the rest pack. One of these was Before the Fog Covers the Mount by Spanish heavy psych rockers, 1886. A few weeks later, and the album still remains at the top of the pile.
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Review: Desert Storm – Omniscient

desert storm - 2015 - omniscientIt's always an honor to get to write about a band that's been following my projects (and/or myself) since the early days. Nearly 5 years ago, I received Forked Tongues, the sophomore album from UK heavy blues and doom rockers, Desert Storm. One of the few early submissions I remember from The Soda Shop. 5 years and 2 full-length releases later, I still perk up when I see a new release from this 5-piece. I'm excited to have the chance to get an early lesson on should be another great effort.
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Review: Bison Machine – Hoarfrost

Bison Machine - HoarfrostIt wasn't that long ago that I stopped listening to music on such a regular basis that I could no longer consider myself an audiophile. Since then, that's changed, and it's thanks to a few albums and their ability to rekindle the fire that was all but snuffed out. One such album is Bison Machine's Hoarfrost, released earlier this year. Continue reading Review: Bison Machine – Hoarfrost

Review: Electric Parlor – Electric Parlor

When you're constantly looking for new music, it's rare for new music to find you. It's even more rare that the music that finds you is worth the time of day. Electric Parlor manages to fit the criteria of both having found me and being worth the time of day. It's well worth the time of day. Continue reading Review: Electric Parlor – Electric Parlor


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