Review: Child – Blueside

Child - BluesideChild. You should be well aware of who these gents are. The band put out a brilliant, eponymous debut album back in 2014. It caught on like wildfire and for good reason, and several blogs were placing the album on their end of the year lists. Well, this trio of Aussie fuzzy-blues rockers are back with their second effort, Blueside.

Spoiler alert: the Child is growing up, and he's experienced some things. Continue reading Review: Child – Blueside

Review: Elbrus – Elbrus

Elbrus - ElbrusGoing through emails is always a mundane task, and it's one that I can't get great enjoyment out of it. There are exceptions, of course; I always pay attention when I see something from Kozmik Artifactz. When I saw the email about Elbrus signing with them to release their debut album, I immediately opened it to see the description of the band and then flagged it for follow-up.

Thanks to "The Huntsman", I was quickly convinced into listening the album a bit sooner than intended. I ended up kicking myself a little for even taking that long to listen to Elbrus. Continue reading Review: Elbrus – Elbrus

Review: Buddha Sentenza – Semaphora

buddha sentenza - semaphoraAs much as I enjoy instrumental rock (I do), a common issue tends to hold back my enthusiasm. Yes, that one. There always seems to be a general theme that all the tracks on an album are the same. The repetitiveness gets old and fast. As a result, I don't seek out instrumental music as a whole.

I think you know where I'm going with this, of course, there are exceptions to this. For me, the latest from Buddha SentenzaSemaphora, is one of these exceptions. Continue reading Review: Buddha Sentenza – Semaphora

Review: Asteroid – III

Asteroid - IIIHas it really only been 6 years, since the release of II?! It sure feels longer to me. It seems a while ago that it was announced that Asteroid would be signing with Small Stone Records to release their third studio album. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out, and the we lost sight of this mighty celestial object.

Fortunately, that wasn't the end of the story. In late 2015, it was announced that Asteroid would be making their way back to this side of the galaxy with a reunion and talks of a new album. Nearly a year later, and not a moment too soon, we have the long-awaited album, III. Continue reading Review: Asteroid – III

Review: Baby Woodrose – Freedom

When Baby Woodrose's Third Eye Surgery came out back in 2012, I was a newcomer to the band. A few years have gone by and a few re-releases put out by Bad Afro Records, and I've become quite familiar with the band. Four years later, and the band is releasing their 7th studio album, Freedom. Has the wait been worth it? Continue reading Review: Baby Woodrose – Freedom

Review: Wired Mind – mindstate:dreamscape

I'm no stranger to psychedelic stoner rock. I've been known to obsess over a good heavy psychedelic album drenched in fuzz. It shouldn't be any surprise, then, that I'm always looking to find the next band that can satisfy the itch.

It's always nice when that comes to you, however. That's what happened with Wired Mind, a 3 piece from Germany. It's always the Germans, isn't it?
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Review: Band of Spice – Economic Dancers

band of spice - 2015 - economic dancersI find it hard to believe that at this point, the main man behind Band of Spice, Spice, needs any introduction. After all, he's been in multiple bands, many/all being very notable. After seeming to disappear from the stoner rock scene for a few years, he's back with a brand new rendition.

Contrary to common belief that this is the first album under the new band name (changed from Spice and the RJ Band) it's actually a follow up to 2011's Feel Like Coming Home. If you haven't checked that album out, you should.
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Review: The Devil and the Almighty Blues – The Devil and the Almighty Blues

I sold my soul to the devil. Seemingly coming from nowhere, Norwegian rockers The Devil and the Almighty Blues has hit the scene hard with the release of their debut album. The hype for this album was big. I'm always a little skeptical about new albums meeting the hype.

Apparently, the band has been around since 2010, so they've been crafting their sound for about 5 years. What is the result? Continue reading Review: The Devil and the Almighty Blues – The Devil and the Almighty Blues

Review: Entierro – Entierro

Who says there's not any uniqueness in music left? Yeah, I have been one to say this on more than one occasion. What there is to be done has to be done, right? Right. Well, Entierro challenge this claim with their eponymous EP.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this EP. Giving the music a listen didn't really help either, at first. It took a minute before I could wrap my head around what I was hearing. Continue reading Review: Entierro – Entierro

Review: Kegan DeBoheme – Songs of Woe

Every now and then you just need something that's not heavy. My usual go to for that is something psychedelic. Sometimes that trend just gets completely discarded, and something different catches my attention. This time it just happened to be in some folk rock.

Kegan DeBoheme is a relative unknown, although he's been around for a few years and getting some press along the way. He's just released his first full-length earlier this year. Continue reading Review: Kegan DeBoheme – Songs of Woe