About Stoned Soda

After a two year hiatus, it was time to rejoin the underground rock community once again. With the demise of The Soda Shop it was time to either rebuild upon the ashes of the old blog or start anew. Since Jake has never been one to miss an opportunity to rebrand, it was decided that a new start was the best way to go, so Stoned Soda was born.

In contrast to The Evil Engineer (Bill's blog), Stoned Soda will not have much of the doom and sludgy rock/metal but will lean a little more psychedelic and bluesy. Of course, there will be massive amounts of groove and fuzz to be had.

Stoned Soda will primarily be about album reviews and some fun features with plenty of music suggestions throughout. Jake is very opinionated, so there may be some opinion pieces strewn about for good measure. It should also be noted that Jake is not an expert on music but an enthusiastic fan that wants to share what's good. If you come here for in-dept analysis of an album, you'll be disappointed. If you want a quick synopsis and a recommendation or two? Well, in that case, circumspice.