Free-kin' Weekend: Downriver – Downriver

Free-kin' Weekend

In the name of all that is (un)holy, it's the weekend! It's time for beer, music, more beer, and more music. With that bar tab you're racking up, you have less and less money to spend on music; I know the feeling. That's why you get a second dosage of free music, so crack open another beer (or pour yourself another glass), and download this gem.

My offering to you is Downriver's Downriver. I was going through old backups of files and through some old The Soda Shop spreadsheets of albums, and I came across this band I couldn't remember. Did a search, found their albums onĀ Bandcamp, and now I see why I put them on a list.

These Aussies put out some good ol' stoner doom. Heavy, fuzzy, and rough around the edges.

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