Review: Wired Mind – mindstate:dreamscape

I'm no stranger to psychedelic stoner rock. I've been known to obsess over a good heavy psychedelic album drenched in fuzz. It shouldn't be any surprise, then, that I'm always looking to find the next band that can satisfy the itch.

It's always nice when that comes to you, however. That's what happened with Wired Mind, a 3 piece from Germany. It's always the Germans, isn't it?

When you think of German psychedelic stoner rock, you're probably going to think of Colour Haze. You can certainly make that comparison with Wired Mind. In fact, they list a few artists off of the Elektrohasch label as their influences. Listening to mindstate:dreamscape, it's pretty self-evident. For me, that's a great sign.

First thing's first, if you're not a fan of Colour Haze and the Elektrohasch line-up then this may be something you're going to want to pass on. This album is basically Colour Haze worship. Of course, I mean that in the best possible way. Textured guitar, hazy jams, flowing through spacey guitar and into fuzzy, psychedelic riffs. That's not to say that the album is a complete CH clone because it's not. Wired Mind lays out some more dreamy, psychedelic elements, enhanced by the vocals that seem to come straight out of some '70s classic folk rock.

The band has wasted no time showing that they know what they're doing. The album is solid from front to back. mindstate:dreamscape flows well with no elements staying too long to make anything feel stale. Even if you feel there's more than enough psychedelic stoner rock to go around, don't pass over this album.

The album released earlier this month on digital format through Bandcamp with their limited run digipak CD being released Saturday, March 28. The CD can be pre-ordered through their Bandcamp page, as well.

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