Review: Electric Parlor – Electric Parlor

When you're constantly looking for new music, it's rare for new music to find you. It's even more rare that the music that finds you is worth the time of day. Electric Parlor manages to fit the criteria of both having found me and being worth the time of day. It's well worth the time of day.

I'm going to work off the assumption that you are, at least, somewhat familiar with Blues Pills, one of more popular female-fronted rock bands in the stoner rock community. Electric Parlor brings much of the same to the table, creating a dirty, blues rock album steeped in the roots of the '60s and '70s greats. However, Electric Parlor is a grittier rock album with as much attitude as emotion, so there's no shortage of either.

Electric Parlor covers the whole gamut of moods, from the hard rocking "Reckless" to psychedelic trip with "Freedom Ride" to the more mellow "Young Blood" and everything in between. The album maintains a nice balance and doesn't fall into the trap of getting boring. The change of pace isn't so constant that you can't get into the album for more than a single track.

For me, what ties the entire album together is the vocals. I've read the usual comparisons to Janis Joplin, and though I wouldn't say that is wrong, but it's limiting. I put Monique's vocals firmly between Janis and Elin (of Blues Pills) where she can be raspy and when needed, and she has plenty of power in her vocals, as well.

The album is out now. Perhaps the most disappointing fact about the album is that it's not pressed on vinyl, but you can find it on several different outlets: Google Play, iTunes, CD Baby (CD/DD), and (my go to) Bandcamp.

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