Review: Bison Machine – Hoarfrost

Bison Machine - HoarfrostIt wasn't that long ago that I stopped listening to music on such a regular basis that I could no longer consider myself an audiophile. Since then, that's changed, and it's thanks to a few albums and their ability to rekindle the fire that was all but snuffed out. One such album is Bison Machine's Hoarfrost, released earlier this year.

Continuing the trend of creating increasingly awesome tunes, this year's effort doesn't disappoint and is a fitting follow-up to the band's last effort, Bison Machine, released in 2013. They continue their trend of evolving into a more mellow, groovy and psychedelic outfit from their grittier beginnings as seen in their 2012 EP, Behold! O' Inhabitants of the Mortar. This is, clearly, a natural progression and maturation of their sound and not something forced in order to appeal to any particular group.

From start to finish, this album kills it. There's not a dull track on the album. As soon as the album starts in with "Cosmic Ark", the teeth have already sunk into your flesh. From that point, it's all over. You might as well just give up, submit to the groove of the riffs, the psychedelic instrumentals, and the soaring vocals. The music surrounds you and swallows you whole. Let it consume you; it's easier that way.

You can grab the album on Bandcamp, and it's "name your price", so get it while the gettin's good. They're sold out of their CDs with no intent to repress in the near future, so digital is the only way to consume this album at the moment. The vinyl release for Hoarfrost appears to be slated for some time in May, though there's no solid date given yet, but be sure to keep your ear to the ground for more information as it comes.

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